Hair Extensions & Wigs

Customized Wigs & Hairpieces

We are so happy to let you know that we also provide Customized Wigs and Hairpieces for clients who have thinning hair due to chemo therapy, genetics, or just want to be able to have a care-free hairdo.

As a licensed cosmetologist I provide a line of services catered to the specific needs of clients with hair loss. The cutting and styling of a variety of human and synthetic wigs, stylish accessories and hairpieces have now become commonplace. My mission is helping my clients achieve a look that feels most natural; to enhance and compliment natural beauty and help them feel at their best and most comfortable for all seasons and occasions.

Please call and make an appointment so I can show you all we have to offer.

Pricing for Wigs and Hairpieces

  • Human Hair Wigs – $200 and up
  • Synthetic Wigs – $90 and up
  • Hairpieces and Halos – $50 and up
  • Scarves and Hats – $30 and up
  • Shampoo of Wigs – $25
  • Haircuts for Wigs – $65
  • Makeup – $50
  • Consultations – Complimentary

Mobile beauty services means we come to your home or office at your convenience. Days, Evenings, and Weekends. Call Nora at 630.918.0419 for immediate consultation and scheduling!!

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